A Novel Approach to Rank Universities Using Linked Open Data

A recent research project by KDMRG researchers aims to tackle the problem of university ranking by extracting measurable indicators from the datasets that are semantically described and interconnected to each other, known as Linked Data. Wide range of datasets from various areas are now linked to each other using meaningful relations. As an example, all of Nobel laureates and well-known researchers from around the world have a page on Wikipedia and they are linked to their universities and also to their colleagues. This makes a giant graph of data resources, which is also referred to as the Web of Data.
By analyzing the Linked Data cloud and extracting related semantics, we are able to measure the relative position of individual universities on the World Wide Web. This approach provides accurate rankings with an extra advantage of low-cost reproducibility. To see the rankings and read more about the methodology, visit this webpage.

The University of Sydney Semantic GraphThe University of Sydney Semantic Graph