Knowledge Discovery and Management Research Group brings together a group of researchers and research students working on a range of problems related to discovering, codifying, structuring, sharing and utilizing knowledge in contemporary organisational settings.  Our research is both theoretical as well as applied and draws on emerging developments in areas such as knowledge discovery and data/text/web mining, ontologies and semantic web, social network analysis, and Economics of Information Technologies.  Much of the research is at the intersection of Computer Science and Information Systems.  The primary research themes are:

Research Themes:

  • IT-Centric Service Systems and Service Computing
  • Ontologies, Semantic Web, and information integration
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • Communities-of-Practice and Social Network Analysis
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Crowdsourcing and Human Computation

We also work with the centre for Distributed and High Performance Computing, http://sydney.edu.au/distributed_computing/, on the theme, "Service Computing".